Problem. Solved?

31 Jan

So, today we were looking at visualisation of research and creative problem solving.

I’ve already had two great chats with key specialists to do with my project. Before Christmas I met up with Derek Robertson of Consolarium (Learning and Teaching Scotland) and just last week I got together with Gary Penn of Denki. I am extremely fortunate. Given their individual histories, experience and contributions to their fields, I would have traveled significantly further than six miles to speak to these fellas! However, as it was they both work in Dundee. I hope to quiz each of them further.

So the visualisation session was really valuable and I hope to put ‘lessons learned’ to the test by working on my own spin on the ‘knowledge swatch’ using notes from these two meetings and also transfer my NEoN journal into swatches also.

I can also see how the knowledge swatches would work for presenting ideas to clients, but I think i’ll leave elaborating on that one until I’ve actually done it.

The Problem Solving session was really useful as well. For some time i’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on a set of IDEO cards; just talk of their very existence inspired me to include the ‘design tool’ element to my own project. So, today was the day and I’m pleased to say that I wasn’t disappointed.

I need to own a set.

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