Central Station get booked

2 Feb

Just about a year ago, Glasgow’s Central Station posse ‘popped-up’ in Dundee and put on an event.

Over the course of a day they dragged a whole bunch of people around every nook and creative cranny of Dundee and left, leaving at least a few Dundee folk wondering why it had taken a bunch of Glas’weegies’ to show us how great the City was creatively.

Half the problem being that most of us already knew, we’d just never the focus…

So, a year on and Central Station have put together their first book. The collective and it’s hub, ‘www.thisiscentralstation.com’ is less than 18 months old but they’ve made quite an impact. Unlike some of us ‘Dundee creative-types’ they’re not afraid to shout about it.

Anyway, I’m not going to review the book as I’ve only had chance to skim through it as yet, but I would like to take this opportunity to thank you to Central Station for two things:

1. Thank you for letting SuperFly advertis the Dundee Pop-up. Please come back and let me do it again. Or any of your pop-ups for that matter.

2. Thanks for the book and putting my name in the ‘thanks’ section at the back, it’s a lovely memento.

For more info on my collaboration with CS, visit: Central Station Vs SuperFly


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