Super Doodles

25 Feb

Monday afternoon… exhausted from presenting and watching presentations we were given an ‘easy’ little exercise to do.

A sheet of ‘white board’ plastic, a dry marker and a ‘Masters Project’… now doodle it, represent it in pictures… as succinctly as possible!

Mine are documented here, along side an image of my workspace, which is currently pretty uninspiring… but i’ll work on that.

My first shot at the ‘doodle’ was standard for me… and maybe a little too retro in terms of the ‘Space Invader’ as game iconography. But I was also concerned by the fact that the classic games of the 80’s are not examples of games based learning environments either.

I decided to bring more of the classroom environment into the illustration and adopted Nintendo style iconography…

I’ll work on some more iterations… I have ideas… but apart from anything else, I’m quite pleased with my new characters… I just hope I haven’t subconsciously stolen them from somewhere, so let me know if you’ve seen them somewhere before  : )


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