Personas and Scenarios

28 Feb

Had a session this morning on Personas and Scenarios.

Persona: An imaginable or fictional description of a character created to represent different user types – a character in a story

Scenario: A description of an everyday situation (an event or action ie something that happens)

So, we were to come up with 3 personas and start on a scenario with a view to storyboarding the scenario in the future.

This method I think will be good for my project. It’s narrative based (which is relevant), I’ve got experience in storyboarding and panel based narratives (comics) and I did something quite similar (with Lego) for the People and Design module to illustrate the journey and user experience of the ‘Food Bus’ project.

I’m using my new characters (monikered ‘Bods’, as they look a bit like the TV character ‘Bod’) to illustrate these scenarios and personas but I could just as easily use Legos and photograph them. I’ll see what seems to work best. The ‘Bods’ seem to fit this project now so i’ll probably stick with them.

Stay tuned for further developments in the scenarios and personas story…


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