4 Mar

This is not so much a blog post, as a public service announcement.

At times it would seem that anyone with a Twitter account can claim to be a Social Media ‘Expert’ or ‘Guru’; and Social Media is a phenomenon that can radically evolve from month to month, so it’s hard to believe anyone could claim such a title. And yet, in the few short months since I have been following this chap I’ve never seen anyone else be so at one with the concept.

If you are in anyway unsure about how you should blog or tweet or document via video, photography, sound or combinations of all five, then you should look no further than the example of Christian Payne, aka ‘Documentally‘.

What does he blog about? Everything! His work. His travels. His kids. His trips to the shops. And those are just a selection of the videos and blogs I’ve watched and read tonight.

He works as an advisor/trainer and yet, such is his ‘SM’ presence, he also gets sent gadgets and kit from big name brands to review, which he does via his blog, and usually as a video entry.

Vodafone even commissioned him, at the end of last year, to complete a ‘Social Media Hitch Hike’ from Lands End to John O’Groats, with nothing but five prepaid sim cards and a phone. He completed the task by putting out appeals on twitter and people from across the country gave him lifts, bought him train tickets, cab rides and offered beds or floor space for the night. He’s like a Social Media Frodo Baggins!

So, if you want to know how it’s done, just check out his blogs, watch his videos (his ‘5 video tips’ is embedded below) and follow him on twitter.

Then… Sit back. And learn!

twitter: @documentally


2 Responses to “Doc•u•ment•al•ly”


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