Wiki Maps

7 Mar

“I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks”

Daniel Boone (American Explorer & frontiersman. 1734-1820)

As mentioned here, i’ve been working on my Knowledge Swatches… and I decided on a ‘Map’ theme as these are the pieces of information that will (hopefully) help me navigate through my current design ‘problem’ and many to come…

They are loosely based on the UK Ordinance Survey Maps but are basically a sheet of A4 folded into 6 panels (each side).

‘Wiki’ comes from the idea that they should be collaborative… so if I interview someone and they have additional information I can add to the Map, and credit them, but better still they’ll add it themselves.

I only wanted to print in black and white so the covers are coloured card and are colour coded into categories such as ‘people’, ‘organisations’, ‘games’, ‘conferences’, etc… these are the icons that are printed on the back for reference…

I feel that as my project is primarily focussed on narrative then all of my tools should reflect some sense of narrative or story telling… do the Wiki Maps to the trick..?

Co-incidentally the Wiki Maps fit into the little wooden box we made for our workshop induction project. Although, in the immortal words of Chief Brody, “we’re gonna need a bigger box!”


2 Responses to “Wiki Maps”


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