Exploring QReativity

15 Mar

I received my first entry for the QR exhibition yesterday morning… particularly rewarding in that it was from someone within the exact group of people with whom I was hoping to engage… teachers!

Apart from the artwork being particularly creative in many ways, the comments that I received I also wanted to share, so with permission of @laverminded here’s the first submission to Game To Learn V’s SuperFly: Exploring QReativity

“Read your blog about your QR project for the Game To Learn Conference. As I’m going & for a bit of fun I thought I’d have a go at making a QR resource for my class. So I created one for the GBL video I’ve posted about German History.

I was suprised at how much you could mess about with the image and the reader would still pick it up.

Looking forward to seeing your work next weekend in Dundee and what your fellow designers come up with. Really interested to see how QR’s can be used.”

So, no more excuses… not a designer, but a teacher… demonstrating how easily, and effectively, it can be done!

Lets see some more – deadline Midnight on Wednesday 16th March – details here


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