Free Stories

2 Apr

There’s only one thing better than a story, and that’s a FREE story!

I became aware of a resource a couple of weeks ago when I found that, Director Carol Reed’s, The Third Man has passed into the public domain and is now available to watch on YouTube for FREE!

A Classic Film Noir, 1950’s The Third Man should be watched for so many reasons… the Palm D’Or winning direction, Oscar winning cinematography, and the oddly, but perfectly out of place music by Vienna native, Anton Karas.

In relation to stories, The Third Man is of particular interest… not only is the film itself a classic story and example of the genre but key characters include a writer, an actress and a con man, who can’t help but warp the narrative of his life and keep everyone guessing…

Also of interest to me is the pivotal use of a poster tower, the design of such influenced the poster towers that you will find dotted around Dundee and were in turn an influence on me starting SuperFly.

Open Culture is an organisation whose aim is to bring public domain films, audio books and other learning materials into one space for ease of navigation… visit their site and you’ll find links to hundreds of films, many of them classics, FREE to watch online; and if you find one that you particularly like there’s nothing stopping you buying the DVD 🙂



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