The Power of a Story…

3 Apr

The powerful nature of stories is fundamental to why I’m pursuing this project… my daughter, who’s learning to read, is just at the point where she can move on to what she calls chapter books… books with pages and pages of text… instead of what she has been reading ’til now, picture books, with only a sentence or two on a page. She doesn’t like the idea of reading chapter books… I think the mass of words is a little off-putting to say the least.

I’m currently reading Lemony Snicket’s ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’ (Book One) to her… we often have a chapter in bed before school, if she’s up early. One such morning, a few weeks ago, having read one chapter she pleaded for another one… I reminder her about getting ready for school, she hates being late. Next thing I know she’s reading the book for herself!

I was quite taken aback… not only was she prepared for the possibility of being late for school, she’d charged past any issues with the chapter book, so keen was she to find out what happened next..!

We were reading another chapter this evening and this quote struck me as being appropriate to the power of stories…

“They then went to their room and crowded together on the one bed, reading intently and happily. Figuratively, they escaped from Count Olaf and their miserable existence. They did not literally escape, because they were still in his house and vulnerable to Olaf’s evil in loco parentis ways. But by immersing themselves in their favourite reading topics, they felt far away from their predicament, as if they had escaped.”

pg69, The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket

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