9 Apr

Stories take many forms. One of my favourite forms is the documentary… i’m sure there’s a little documentary maker inside me somewhere…

Anyway, that’s why, these days, the blog is such a fantastic opportunity for us to document in a similar way… words, pictures, even video, can be brought together along with relevant links from across the web. It’s just a matter of getting into the routine… the Blog-u-mentality!

For further evidence of this please see ‘Documentally‘…

Anyway, the end of last week was a challenge. At home we’d had an eye on a damp patch in the garden for a week or so while the weather was dry. Eventually I took to the ground with a garden fork to see if the water would run away. Instead, more appeared. We had a leak!

It was the water main between the stop-tap and the house. Once we came to terms with the leak we organised a quote. Then we had to come to terms with the quote. The hotel w/e break in Edinburgh was knocked on the head in favour of saving more money and digging up and locating the leak ourselves before calling in the plumber for the final analysis.

By that point i’d grown more confident and, faced with the opportunity of saving even more ‘student strapped’ cash, I decided to fix the leak myself. And very rewarding it was too. Final quote, £460+VAT. Actual money spent, £9.75 inc VAT. #WIN!

However, to put all of this into perspective I would like to share with you this video found on Open Culture. It documents the day to day of Venice out with the hustle and bustle of the tourist season. Puts my little leak into some context I think…

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