QReativity Too

10 May

Since the NEoN Knights event i’ve been keen on getting more QRs with logos built in.

There is an aura given off by QRs that suggests ‘I’m not for you’!

We’ve grown so used to bar codes on our crisp packets and bake bean tins that we just filter them out. It’s tech, it’s not our concern.

It’s amazing how people have no idea what a QR code is until you show them one… ‘ahh, one of those. Yeah, i’ve seen those, but I just ignored it, I didn’t know what it was.

So, in an attempt to make them more noticeable to the public at large i’m getting QReative. (Incidentally I’ll be doing a workshop on this at the National eScience Centre in Edinburgh on Friday 20 May for the Open For Education conference. Book in and come along!)

The simplest start is to make the black ‘not-black’! But you can also add little logos in. Yes, it is a little fiddly, and for that reason you don’t see many of them, and for that reason you’ll stand out!

So give it a go! And, stay tuned for more QReative events not too far ahead on the horizon…
Meanwhile, the QR illustrated here is one that I did a few weeks ago for an events management company in Dundee… give it a scan and find out more about Red Pepper..!


One Response to “QReativity Too”

  1. Eleanor Whitby May 11, 2011 at 8:59 am #

    The QR code concept works brilliantly on our new marketing materials. I would certainluy consider it a wise move for any business to discuss options with Superfly. A very creative bunch with great business ideas matched with the confidence to deliver!

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