QReative Prototypes…

22 Jun

In preparation for the Masters final show in late August, we’ve started thinking about how the show might look. I’ll report back with more images on Friday when we are due to present our ideas. The prototypes are meant to be quick, dirty and lo-fidelity but… actual size. Hmmm…

Anyway, one of my ideas is to populate a large map with content that i’ve created and gathered. The gathering, for now, will take place through Twitter, although I may also do this through workshops in the coming months.

Please tweet me (@onthesuperfly) your favourite places in Tayside and NE Fife (using the hashtag #mboxspaces) and also a brief (it’s Twitter..!) explanation. It might be where you grew up, went on holiday, secret hideaways as kids or where you met your husband! There will be any number of reasons… what’s yours?

It you’d rather not use Twitter then feel free to use the comments section on this blog. I’ll credit all of the authors either by Twitter or Login name. The stories may also have audio, video or pictures attached to them so feel free to send me links to your Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, AudioBoos, etc, etc, etc…

Eventually I’ll populate a google map. It’s physical counterpart for the Mastes show will have cute QR flags for people to scan and discover the content for themselves.

So, what are you waiting for… what’s the story?


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