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Mixed Media

7 Sep

Another inspirational AudioBoo from Christian Payne, aka @Documentally

Much of what I was trying to achieve through my QR hunts was to demonstrate what a number of people are already doing…

In our analogue world we share common behaviours:
we: • experience • explore • interact,
with:  •people • objects • environments…
we: • document • archive • share…

I have been constructing spaces in the real-world where real journeys take place. Navigation however is achieved by means of technology (Mobile devices, Google Maps, QR Codes); capturing, documenting and sharing as we go (Twitter, Instagram, AudioBoo, FaceBook, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo), with the Dungeon Master curating this content for online audiences across the World (WordPress, Storify).

My games (the image above is from my St Andrews PHD Summer School game) reflect the digital equivalent of those common analogue behaviours which will become even more prevalent in the future. Some are already doing it – see Documentally amongst others. However, I believe my games can help us understand what we want from these tools, what uses we can find for them and what forms they should take in the future.

Documentally’s Boo is specifically about the various ways in which we ‘consume’ media. He observed within a few, cramped, square feet multiple methods of creating and consuming media, each of them a succession in terms of technology but each equally valid and acceptable in itself.

There may be value in artificially constructing such a scene – however contrived it may seem – as an illustration of where we stand with regards to media in 2011. But to have witnessed it in the wild..!? There are definitely overtones of a frustrated Attenborough as Documentally, our guide in the urban jungle, laments missing the money-shot!

So have a listen to Documentally’s AudioBoo, but before you do please sign up on the right for updates – In the coming weeks I plan to deliver complete outlines and outcomes from the three real-world games plus the smaller prototype games, projects and methods in development as a result of my Masters project.

I passed BTW 🙂

Mystery and the QR Code

17 May

So, second semester assessment out of the way, time to focus on the QR workshop.

The background to this is that I did a QR hunt for the Game To Learn conference and the people who organised that have organised this event in Edinburgh, Open For Education. The focus of the event is to introduce educators to a wealth of Open Source (free) resources available for use in the classroom.

So, I was offered the opportunity to do a session based on QR (Quick Response) codes which would suit predominantly FE/HE lecturers.

I’m assuming the group in Edinburgh will mostly be ‘newbies’ to QR so i’ll start with a bit of history, and then get into the mystery

If you’re interested in coming along (or know someone who might) please let me know in the comments below or tweet me @onthesuperfly (I need to know how many biscuits to bring…) and if you don’t already have a QR Reader on your phone take a few minutes to see if one is available before you arrive… iPhone/iPad and Android are easy (NeoReader, iNigma, Scan, Quickmark come recommended), for all other phones just google you phones make and model along with ‘qr reader’ and see what comes up.

Additionally, if you know of any particularly creative examples of QR codes, especially if they are yours, then let me know. I’ll include a showcase of what’s being done with QRs as well as what I’ve been up to, so I want to hear from you… especially if they are yours!

QReativity – Mystery of the QR Code
Masters of Design Studio
Duncan of Jordanstone
Thursday 19 May at 11am
There will be opportunity  

Hope to see you on there!

200 Seconds…

6 May

UPDATE: Below is the lo-down on our previous 200 seconds project – we are running a similar event on Thursday 26 May as part of DJCAD’s Degree Show. Find us in the Masters Showcase, Room 212 (animation corridor) at 1pm. We would welcome as many people as we can cram in the room and come prepared to write down a bit of feedback for us either online or in the room the old fashioned way, with pen and paper. We’ll only keep you for about 25 mins so we won’t even spoil your lunch hour. Hope to see you there!  : )

In the MDes studio we were looking forward to a visit of students from Auburn University, Alabama (25 April) and we decided that, rather than bombard them with a series of talks about DJCAD an what projects we were up to, we would loosen things up a bit and turn the day into more of an event!

While we had lecturers and students volunteering presentations… some more experienced than others, what we really needed was a leveler..! How could we present these talks in such a way that would give everyone an equal footing..? Pecha Kucha was the perfect solution!

Pecha Kucha means “chit-chat” and is a format of presentation devised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Klein Dytham Architects, Japan. Each speaker has 20 slides and is allowed 20 seconds for each slide. A total of 6min40sec.

The first even took place in 2003 and today you will find events, using this or similar formats, across the world.

We modified the format a little stipulating 10 slides of 20seconds each (3min20sec or ‘200seconds’ as it came to be known). What I didn’t mention before is that Pecha Kucha slides are on an automatic timer; once your 20seconds are up the next slide kicks in. While this might sound relatively easy, it’s telling how that even the most experienced of our speakers were uneasy with the format.

Nice 😉

I’m disappointed to report that everyone did great. No one went blank, cried or went over time. No one even crashed the ‘time’s up’ alarm that i’d built in for 3min 35sec… and I think the Alabama crowd sensed the nerves in the room and it added a nice edge to the proceedings.

So, for your viewing pleasure I present to you my own 200sec presentation. It’s the first time that i’ve done one of these, and if i’m honest, although i’d practiced it about 6 times, this is also the first time that I managed to make everything fit!

Adrenalin’s a winner!