Jon Gill

September 2011, I completed a Masters in Design (MDes) at Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee. In April I had turned 40 but the day is still young! Currently seeking employment as a designer, ideally in Product or Service based design areas. I have a wealth of experience in graphics and illustration, work that spans corporate (a steady stream of freelance projects) and the visual arts (side project SuperFly). I also teach Digital Imaging and Animation at the local FE college.  I am motivated by creativity and the promise of an amazing end product. I’m active in Social Media and excited by it’s possibilities… you’ll find me on Twitter, AudioBoo, Instagram and LinkedIn.

SuperFly is about creating a platform for creatives, FREE to submit (I despise submission fees) and finding new and unusual space for the exhibitions to take place. SuperFly led to a place on Starter for Six, which in turn gave me the confidence to investigate Higher Education. I needed to complete my training (too old is he…)! The Masters programme was a perfect fit, an opportunity to refine my skills, perfect my craft, and work out exactly what it was that I was doing…(?)

From 2002 I’d been working for the local council as a Graphic Designer and had a hand in exhibitions, initiatives and services that would go on to great success. While they weren’t 100% my successes I felt that I was contributing key ideas. I should start a project of my own. SuperFly was born.

In 1998 I did something ‘radical’ – I went back to art college. Aged 27 I was considered a ‘mature student’. I hadn’t touched a computer since leaving behind the BBC micro’s in 1986 but in 1993 our paths crossed. Home computing had seriously matured in that time and I felt this is where I should be. In ’95 I got my first PC and did an evening class in Photoshop. I was hooked. Since graduating in 2000 with a HND in Graphic Design: Illustration I have worked full time as a Graphic Design as well as working on many interesting freelance projects. Still it wasn’t enough.

I’d always loved to draw. While on my Art & Design foundation course I got a job drawing ‘The Shoe People‘ comic for James Driscoll in Stourbridge. Being the tail end of the UK’s recession, redundancy a year later didn’t come as a surprise. I worked in a Hotel for a year and then went into nursing with a view to training… but in the end, design won the day!

I started my working life in 1987 as a print operator. A single colour Gestetner for The Institute of Careers Advisors. Ironically it made me re-think my career options and leave… what would I do with my life..?

(Acknowledgments and apologies to Jonathan Nolan and his work Memento)

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