Masters and MysteryBoxes

The purpose of ‘MysteryBoxes’ is a convergence of the various online dwellings of me, Jon Gill; quite possibly the web equivalent of crossing the streams..!

The term ‘Mystery Box’ is used as defined by JJ Abrams in his 2006 ‘TED’ talk. (embedded for your viewing pleasure at the bottom of this page..) He uses the term to describe stories, the ‘twists’ that drive narrative, the tools that inspire us, even our imagination and ultimately the mystery box is, well.. you should probably just watch.

Also on this page you find a brief overview of my Masters project and where I’m headed at this particular point in time.
This is likely to… evolve… over the coming months… :/


Through ‘MysteryBoxes’ you can:

  • Follow the progress of my Masters project on the blog and read the original proposal poster! (MDes Project;
  • Familiarise yourself with my ongoing exhibition project ‘SuperFly’;
  • Throw caution to the wind in the avant garde wing, IndustrialBubbleGum (coming soon),
  • or simply absorb the wares of my Flickr and Twitter channels plus (coming soon) YouTube and Delicious…

And, if, as a consequence, all life as you know it doesn’t end instantaneously and every molecule in your body fails to explode at the speed of light, then… bonus!

The Mystery Box

To explain the concept of the ‘Mystery Box’ I give you JJ Abrams!

One Response to “MysteryBoxes”

  1. Rick Curran February 2, 2011 at 5:05 pm #

    Stories can be either bacteria or light. They can infect the system or illuminate the world.
    -Ben Okri

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